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Minotaur RTM

Easy to use!

  • - Updates many bugs corrected*
  • - More Sql instructions available in demo mode* source generator.

Generate complete functional programs that integrates SQL instructions directly into source code (please download for more informations).

Just open a shell (cmd or powershell)

Use a NotePad...(Ex. NotePad Hello.rtm)

Main {

    Console WriteLine "Hello World!";


Generate/Compile with:

RTM6C -Make Hello.rtm

Execute with:

RTM6C -Execute Hello

New version 11: Implemented Business Rules (thank you all for your suggestions!)
(see documentation for details)

For a quick start see Documentation TAB:
  • Forms-designer included.
  • Examples included (doc folder).

Before using a database you must configure it:

(see Documentation TAB first) Type in a DOS box:

rtm6c -sqlconfig

Example of configuration:

Type  |Database       |
MSSQL |Test           |
OLEDB |TestAccess     |

String Connection                                                                  |
Data Source=MyPC;Initial Catalog=Test;User Id=sa;Password=MyPwd;                   |
Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\RTM\RTM6\doc\esempi\dbEsempio.mdb; |

Microsoft    |

Example 1 (native coding):

Database Test;

Main {

   console writeline 
         @ {select isnull(sum(colA),0) from TableA} +
         @ {select isnull(sum(colB),0) from TableB};


Example 2 (native coding):

Database Test;

Main {

      define cMyTable Record Like MyTable;

      select * 
      into cMyTable 
      from MyTable
      where ID = 1;

      console writeline cMyTable.Description;


Generates class directly from Database Schema (Ms-SQL, PostgresSQL, MySQL).
When a field is associated with a TextBox changes are automatically reflected on your form(s).

Example (for Form (.frm) designer How-to see documentation):

Database Test;

Main {

   define cTableA Record Like TableA;

   Form fTest open "forms\Test1.frm" {
        When MyButton1.Click {
             /* form field is auto-refreshed */
             cTableA.Description = "Hello, World!";
   } ShowDialog;


Screen "Test1" {

[Desc                                                            ][btn1       ]


Field Desc       Type TextBox & fill cTableA.Description;
Field btn1       Type Button & lines 3 & image ImageSave & Text "Ok";

SQL Example:

- Read from "TableA" and write into "TableB".

Database Test;

Main {

    Define cTableA Record Like TableA;
    Define cTableB Record Like TableB;

   Foreach DataRow cTableA in @ as DataSet {Select * From TableA } {
      /*........ TableA and TableB may differ ....... */
      cTableA.Description = "Same for EveryRow";
      Reflect cTableA into cTableB;
      Prepare cTableB for Insert into TableB;


Any questions: write me

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